QINGDAO JIAXIN PRINTING CO.,LTD. is a printing and packaging enterprise integrating design, production, printing and forming. The company mainly has two production lines, color printing production line and carton packaging production line. Color printing production line mainly has advanced German Heidelberg CP2000 offset press, a number of printing machine post-processing equipment, to provide customers with high-quality pre press, in press, post press one-stop service.
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the management principle of talent oriented and integrity, gathered the elites in the industry, combined the advanced information technology, management methods and enterprise experience with the specific reality of the company, provided the company with a full range of solutions, helped the company to improve the management level and production capacity, and made the company always remain competitive in the fierce market competition, and achieved the goal of sustainable development Now the company develops rapidly and stably.
Company outlook
While gradually improving the hardware system of the printing press, it introduces the most advanced printing technology, management software and production concept. While maintaining the high quality and high production efficiency of offset printing, it further shortens the preparation time of printing operation and printing working hours to meet the needs of "small batch and short delivery time" to a greater extent.
corporate culture
Success starts with the selected target.
Enterprises should set goals, and establish a goal system according to the relationship between goals,
A sound target management system must have a perfect target system,
Only in this way can we strengthen the relationship between each other and give full play to the overall strength.
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Certification qualification
Workshop equipment
In the ever-changing market demand for printed goods, the company constantly updates and adds back-to-back equipment, and at the same time focuses on training and training a group of skilled manual technicians. While inheriting the traditional technology, the company constantly develops and innovates new technology to meet the conventional and personalized needs of different customers for printed goods.